The key objectives of the SCRiPTS group, Sol-gel Centre for Research on Inorganic Powders and Thin films Synthesis, within the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry in the Faculty of Science of Ghent University can be described by 'controlled synthesis and surface chemistry of metal oxide nanoparticles and mesoporous materials' and 'chemical-solution-based coating development'. (Isabel [dot] VanDriessche [at] UGent [dot] be (Prof. I Van Driessche) - Klaartje [dot] DeBuysser [at] UGent [dot] be (Prof. K De Buysser)). 

Three research themes can be distinguished:

  • Controlled synthesis and characterization of metal oxide nanocrystals
  • Filling the gap between nanocrystals synthesis and their application by studying its surface chemistry
  • Chemical solution deposition of functional coatings via ink jet printing

With these research themes and equipment facilities, the SCRiPTS group has the intention to provide a broad view to students and researchers in the development of ceramic nanocrystals, mesoporous materials and coatings towards its application. Here, we envisage applications in superconductivity, batteries, catalysis, sensors, etc. with the coorporation of specific companies.


New publications

Chemistry of MaterialsOptimizing Nanocomposites through Nanocrystal Surface Chemistry: Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 Thin Films via Low-Fluorine Metal Organic Deposition and Preformed Metal Oxide Nanocrystals - H. Rijckaert et al. - June 2017

Seperation and Purification TechnologyTiO2 functionalized nanofibrous membranes for removal of organic (micro)pollutants from water - J. Geltmeyer et al. - February 2017

JACERS - Microwave-assisted YBa2Cu3O7 precursors: fast and reliable method towards chemical precursors for superconducting films - H. Rijckaert et al. - January 2017 - ORCID ID: 0000-0002-6078-2919

Other publications


Dr. Jonathan Watté won the best oral presentation at the 2017 Sol-Gel conference in Liège.

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