The key objectives of the SCRiPTS group, Sol-gel Centre for Research on Inorganic Powders and Thin films Synthesis, within the Department of Chemistry in the Faculty of Science of Ghent University can be described by 'controlled synthesis and surface chemistry of metal oxide nanoparticles and mesoporous materials' and 'chemical-solution-based coating development'. (Isabel [dot] VanDriessche [at] UGent [dot] be (Prof. I Van Driessche) - Klaartje [dot] DeBuysser [at] UGent [dot] be (Prof. K De Buysser)). 

Three research themes can be distinguished:

  • Controlled synthesis and characterization of metal oxide nanocrystals
  • Filling the gap between nanocrystals synthesis and their application by studying its surface chemistry
  • Chemical solution deposition of functional coatings via ink jet printing

With these research themes and equipment facilities, the SCRiPTS group has the intention to provide a broad view to students and researchers in the development of ceramic nanocrystals, mesoporous materials and coatings towards its application. Here, we envisage applications in superconductivity, batteries, catalysis, sensors, etc. with the coorporation of specific companies.


  • Today we welcome Nicholas Symon to the our SCRiPTS research group. Nicholas did his masters at Massey University, New Zealand and is now starting his PhD in our lab. Good luck!
  • Catalyzed by a collaboration between Prof. Isabel Van Driessche and Prof. Jonathan De Roo, our PhD student, Loren Deblock, was invited for a one-year research stay at University of Basel (Department of Chemistry). The focus of the hosting group is the precise chemical synthesis of colloidal nanocrystals and their advanced surface characterization. We would like to thank Prof. De Roo for this opportunity and collaboration.
  • The SCRiPTs team wishes you, your team, your family and loved-ones all the best for 2020!
  • Ewout Picavet got his FWO-SB grant entitled "chemical solution deposition of epitaxial BaTiO3 thin films". Congratulations!
  • Our PhD student Evert Dhaene will give an oral talk entitled "The Trouble With 1-Octadecene: Polymerization During Nanocrystal Synthesis" at nanoGe Fall Meeting to be held in Berlin from November 4 to 8. Presentation date and time: November 08, 2019, 11:15 to 11:30. Abstract number: 2.2-O3. Come and check out his talk to learn more about the ubiquitous use of 1-octadecene for nanocrystal syntheses! More information on this link and our recently published article in Nano Letters!